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How do you outperform the competition?

By implementing ACE — our Achieving Competitive Excellence operating system. With its focus on continuous improvement, ACE enables us to meet — even exceed — customer expectations, while reducing costs and improving productivity and employee engagement.

Being a top competitor in today's economic environment requires sound strategies, their effective execution and a commitment to improve continuously. To achieve this, we manage all of our activities through the rigorous application of our ACE operating system. By the end of 2012, we expect 80 percent of our sites to be rated ACE Gold or Silver. This represents the highest levels of performance and customer service.

We are moving forward with a number of ACE initiatives. Among them: the Supplier Gold program to help key suppliers continuously improve their performance; the Engineering ACE Certification Program to improve engineering processes and products; and advanced Lean initiatives to create and improve manufacturing flow to enhance customer and shareholder value.

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